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Urban Mobility Unleashed 

The all new MUVe features a revolutionary three wheel design, for outstanding stability, safety and handling.


EMUZE is developing and manufacturing high end e-mobility platforms,
electric scooters and alternative personal vehicles.
The company was established by Amir Zaid, a high-profile automotive designer with design work experience at iconic automotive companies such as Fiat, Pininfarina and Ferrari.


Over the last years, an experienced team of brilliant engineers and innovators have worked together to achieve the current cutting edge level of design, performance and durability of our line of products. 
Recently, we have joined forces with a well established factory, in order to set up mass production capabilities and to ensure industrial quality standards. 

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We can see the world is changing rapidly, new needs will require new design concepts. Our main target is to explore and reach new territories and to expand the use of e-mobility products

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EMUZE is working on defining a new level of products in the micro mobility world. All of our products are based on a solid engineering concept, with no shortcuts and the best possible production quality

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We believe micro mobility users have to benefit from a similar levels of safety features as in other vehicle categories. This is the reason we are equipping our scooters with bigger diameter wheels and full disk brake system

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Our Electric scoters are using geared high tourqe lightweight motors in order to provide the best possible combination of power to size and to keep energy consumption to minimum


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The MUVe features a revolutionary three wheel design. Two wheele front tilting suspension deliver confidence-inspiring stability and braking capabilities, while a geared rear hub motor makes the MUVe exceptionally maneuverable and agile.



The Go2 is an innovative electric scooter that aims to set new category standards in design, engineering and dynamics. Utilizing a unique l2-inch-wide tires, it is extremely comfortable, intuitive and fun to ride,yet much more stable and safe in comparison to any other competitors.


EMUZE mission is to provide safer, high-level personal transportation platforms,
that will help to expand the use of micro mobility solutions


Got any queries about our products or services?

Get in touch with us and someone from our team will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Israel Branch

44 Hatachana St, Binyamina, Israel



China Branch

NINGBO BEILUN SHANGJIAN MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD NO.8 Gehechen industrial zone,Donggangqi,Xiaogang street, Beilun district,315800,Ningbo,China. 

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